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Call for Online Artist Residency  

Researchers at Lancaster University are seeking 4 digital artists to be part of a paid 1-month online artist residency in May 2024. The residency will explore the theme of “digital identities over time” and culminate in an online exhibition in June 2024.  

Online galler

This artist residency is part of an ESRC-funded project connected to the Digital Good Network that seeks to provide different perspectives and provoke debate about what future digital identities might be like, how they might unfold over time, and what we want from such digital identity systems. The artists in this residency will contribute to this larger project by exploring ideas and provoking questions about the future of digital identity as a concept and set of emerging technologies (e.g.: self-sovereign identity systems, biometrics, facial recognition, identity cards, social media, AI…etc). 

Residency Theme: Digital Identities Over Time 

We are looking for artists to create and explore alternative visions for digital identity futures, challenging what digital identities might look like, how they might operate across time, and who these would be ‘good’ for. We invite artists to propose artwork which critically examines the theme ‘Digital Identities Over Time’ and provokes meaningful debate about the types of futures we are creating.  

In this regard, we are interested in the following types of questions: 

  • How might our identities be represented online, and how might the tension between the choice to identify vs implied consent to be ‘identified’ play out in these systems?  
  • Is it possible to represent dynamic identities that acknowledge our inherently fluid, fragmented, and messy selves? 
  • How might we think about digital identity (and identification) as it relates to monitoring, profiling and/or erasing certain identities (often the most vulnerable and marginalised) in our societies? 
  • What are the social, political, cultural, philosophical, environmental implications of the way digital identities might represent us and those around us? 
  • How might we think about assemblages of things, places, people forming collective identities over time? 

Residency Online Spaces 

This residency is virtual and remote. Artists will be given an artist profile on the Digital Good Network website, and the residency will make use of two other online platforms for artists to meet, share ideas and exhibit work individually as part of artist talks and collectively for a group exhibition.  

Firstly, one platform will enable the artists to occupy a private virtual studio space during the residency, operating alongside a shared space in that will allow us to invite various experts from academia and industry to visit us at different points in the 1-month residency. Secondly, we will utilise 3D gallery spaces to exhibit and highlight artist work in the form of artist talks and the final exhibition.  

For the £2,500 combined residency and production fee, we ask for artists to commit to one artist talk (which will be an informal conversation about their previous and ongoing work in a virtual gallery), attend an online launch event, three additional meetings across the month period and the production of work for an online exhibition in June 2024.  

You can take a sneak peek at the online residency space below:

Timeline of residency and key dates 

  • Deadline for applications: 12 April 2024.   
  • Notification of application decision: 18 April 2024.   
  • Shortlisted candidates invited to interview between 22 – 26 April 2024.   
  • Notification of final artist selection: 30 April 2024.   
  • Online artist residency: starts 6 May 2024.   
  • Launch event: 2pm on 8 May 2024.
  • Online exhibition launch: 3pm on 13 June 2024.


  • Each artist or artist team will receive £2,500. This will be made up of two payments: a £1,500 artist fee will be provided at the start of the residency, and a further £1,000 will be provided on delivery of the final artwork for the online exhibition. This £2,500 will cover the artist’s time for the residency and all costs required to produce the artwork for the exhibition.  
  • All artists that are shortlisted and invited to interview will be paid £50 (via invoice) to cover the time taken to attend. 
  • Artist profile on the Digital Good Network website. 
  • Spotlight artist talks during the residency. These will take place in our virtual gallery spaces and be informal events that are open to the public aiming to highlight the artist’s work and discuss previous and ongoing projects and directions. 
  • Opportunities to network and engage with other artists, academics, and other members of the Digital Good Network in our various virtual spaces.

Eligibility criteria  

We welcome diverse voices from across the world to help us consider viewpoints and experiences different from our own. Therefore, this residency is open to artists internationally, artists must be over 18+. 

We particularly encourage applications from artists working in/with new media art,, interactive web-based art, short films, video-based demos of physical artefacts and on-chain experiments. 

Interested in applying?

Deadline for applications: 12th April 2024.

To apply for this residency, please fill in this short online application form. This form will ask applicants to provide 2-3 sentences explaining your interest in digital identities and either a link to your website or a short portfolio (pdf format) or 2-3 examples that represent your work. 

Access needs 

If you need to apply in alternative formats, please email Kim Snooks


Can I apply more than once with different proposals? 

No, we will only accept one application per artist/artist team. 

I am in a collective, can we apply together? 

Yes, we will accept proposals from teams of artists, but the collective will receive the same fee as stand-alone artists.    

Do I retain ownership of the artwork produced from this residency? 

Yes, artists will retain all rights and ownership of the artwork produced. However, we will exhibit the artwork produced as part of an online exhibition so the artwork will be made public. We also intend to publish academic (i.e. not for profit) papers that highlight the artwork, artists will be credited in these publications. 

Do I need to create new artwork for the residency, or could it be a continuation of a previous project? 

The artwork created does not have to be new, it can be ongoing artwork if it is responding to the theme ‘Digital Identities Over Time.’ 

How much time are we required to commit to this residency? 

The residency is a 4-week duration. During this time there is an expectation that artists will attend the launch, attend artist talks and produce work for a final exhibition. We would like to engage with the artists during this time and will provide opportunities to hang out, network and chat in our online spaces. However, when you work on this project is up to you, there are no set working hours in place. 

When will I hear back about my application? 

The deadline for applications is 12th April 2024. Artists shortlisted for an interview will hear back from us 18th April 2024. Those selected for interview will be paid £50 to cover their time taken to attend the interview. The final notification for artist selection will be 30th April 2024. 

Where can I find out more about the researchers hosting this residency? 

The researchers organising this residency are Kim Snooks and Dan Richards from Imagination Lancaster. This is part of a wider project around exploring future digital identities funded by the Digital Good Network