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Participatory and Inclusive Data Stewardship

In partnership with the Ada Lovelace Institute and Liverpool Civic Data Cooperative

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This research will build upon a lead authored report on Participatory Data Stewardship (2022), published by the Ada Lovelace Institute, to take account of and assess the impact of recent, and rapid developments in the participatory and inclusive data stewardship space.

This work will draw from two currently disparate strands of thinking (on participatory data and inclusive data), and interweave them together, encouraging the data governance ecosystem to consider what it means to steward data in inclusive and participatory ways, as well as what good looks like in this context. We will also draw from prior work undertaken on inclusive data led by the UK Statistics Authority, and by the Open Data Institute.

This project will undertake a landscape review led by the Ada Lovelace Institute, and convene an online and international community of practice (5 workshops, 1.5 hour each) that shares knowledge and expertise from participatory and inclusive data stewardship innovations, explores and anticipates the barriers to effective participatory and inclusive data stewardship innovations, and showcases best practice from across the sector. In partnership with the Liverpool Civic Data Cooperative team

It will also undertake detailed 1 hour qualitative and semi structured research interviews with leading practitioners developing participatory and inclusive data stewardship initiatives within the industry, policy and community context.

Collectively, this work will inform an evaluation and impact assessment framework (or ‘toolkit’) for technologists and policymakers, which is tested and refined using the Qualitative Comparative Analysis (QCA) methodology.


Reema Patel

Reema Patel

Policy lead at the ESRC Digital Good Network

Co-founder of the Ada Lovelace Institute, a think tank dedicated to ensuring that artificial intelligence and data technologies benefit people and society, Reema is also a specialist in the field of deliberative democracy.

Octavia Reeve

Octavia Reeve

Director (Impact and Research Practice) at the Ada Lovelace Institute

Octavia’s role connects research design to strategy, project planning, external outputs, impact and evaluation, ensuring that the Institute fulfils its commitment to make data and AI work for people and society.


Emily Rempel

Public Participation Manager at the Liverpool City Region Civic Data Co-operative (CDC)

Emily’s role is to ensure that public participation, involvement and engagement is at the core of the CDC’s work, particularly given its belief that developing beneficial data technologies should happen directly alongside building better models of public stewardship of data governance and design.

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