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Re-Imagining AI with Afrofuturist speculative design

This project explores how emerging AI technologies can be used to benefit everyone, especially communities that are marginalised by/within dominant society. This means using technology for the digital good by addressing issues of inequality, exclusion, and justice. AI systems can entrench social inequalities for marginalised groups, particularly in finance, healthcare and criminal justice. This project will promote inclusive ethical practices in the development of AI systems, to increase critical awareness of their use. To achieve this, communities most affected by these systems must be involved in understanding the design and deployment of these technologies. 

This project will draw on the creativity of Afrofuturism, a cultural movement reimagining and shaping the future through a ‘Black cultural lens’. It offers new ideas on how technology can be used to help marginalized communities and challenge power structures. This involves reclaiming and repurposing technology in new ways that are more equitable and inclusive.


Dr Sanjay Sharma, Associate Professor, University of Warwick

Dr Kavin Narasimhan, Assistant Professor, University of Warwick

Anita Shervington, Director, BLAST Fest

Juice Aleem, Media Fellow, BLAST Fest

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