ESRC Digital Good Network

Digital Good Index

The Digital Good Network will produce a Digital Good Index which can be used to evaluate digital innovations to ensure good societal outcomes. The findings and outcomes of Digital Good Network research, fellowships and internships will feed into the index.

Producing the Digital Good Index will involve considering the multiple facets of the digital good, including whether, how, when, where and for whom digital technologies might be considered good for society.

Our intention is not to reduce the digital good to a simplistic checklist, but rather to reflect broadly on how the digital good might be measured to account for the social impacts of digital innovations.

Our aim is for the Digital Good Index to be useful to and used within a broad range of sectors. These include government policymakers, practitioners in industry and elsewhere, charities and community groups. Researchers in disciplines including Human-Computer Interaction, Computer Science and Engineering should also find it useful.

This is our vision for the Digital Good Index. More to follow in the coming months.