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‘Digital Identities Over Time’ Online Exhibition

Part of the Digital Identities Over Time artists residency

Thursday 13 June 2024, 3.00pm – 5.00pm (BST)

Online event.

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Come along to the ‘Digital Identities Over Time’ online exhibition, where we will be showcasing work by Anshul Roy, Jeanne Jo and Mac Andre Arboleda. These artists took place in a virtual residency programme to explore futures of digital identities.

The works presented will explore and provoke questions relating to how our identities might be presented online; the tensions between our choice to identify versus the unwilling consent to be identified within such systems; and the implicit violence and erasure of marginalised identities within such systems as a result data capture, monitoring and profiling.

The exhibition consists of three distinct works that are presented as part of a larger interactive experience. The exhibition seeks to provide a space to provoke debate and conversation about what it might mean to create ‘good’ digital identities, by both surfacing the known potential for ‘digital bad’, but also creating space to discuss more optimistic opportunities for ‘digital good’.

The 2-hour launch event will comprise:

  • a guided tour through the interactive exhibition
  • live performances and introductions to work by artists
  • concluding with a roundtable discussion with artists and selected commentators, to further discuss the work and theme.

The artists

Anshul Roy Portrait Bnw Scaled

Anshul Roy

Anshul Roy (b. 1997) is a visual artist from Ahmedabad, India, pursuing his MFA in Art Photography from Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY.

In 2020, he received a B.Tech in Bioengineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, where he became interested in the intersection of STEM and Arts and how these diverse knowledge systems could merge.

Roy’s current artistic practice is inspired by Postcolonial discourses, exploring issues like cultural representation, identity, historical memory and visual ethics. He is interested in critically probing how Britishers employed photography in colonial India for “othering” and visual propaganda and how these ethnographic photos exist in our contemporary institutional archives.

Roy has exhibited his work at :iidrr Gallery (Manhattan, NY), Art Gallery of Peterborough (Ontario, Canada), Light Work (Syracuse, NY), Manifest Gallery (Cincinnati, OH), Black Box Gallery (Portland, OR), Praxis Gallery (Minneapolis, MN), Photoworks (San Francisco, CA), Drewelowe Gallery (Iowa City, IA), SPE Media Festival (St. Louis, MO), Greenly Center Gallery (Bloomsburg, PA), and Full Circle Fine Art (Baltimore, MD).

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Jeanne Jo

Jeanne Jo (JEE-nee JOH) is an American visual artist and filmmaker who works in single-channel and multi-channel narrative film, large-scale video installation, and durational performance.

Blurring the lines between cinema and performance art, she draws from programmatic languages, media theory, and her personal history to create work that investigates power dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and physical and emotional vulnerability.

Her work has been widely exhibited, including at the Slamdance Film Festival, Scream Queens Film Festival Tokyo (Winner: Audience Award, 2016), and the Southern Utah Museum of Art (solo exhibition, 2022). She has an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a PhD from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.

Mac Andre Arboleda Portrait Rotated

Mac Andre Arboleda

Mac Andre Arboleda is an artist interested in exploring the sickness of the Internet through research and dialogue, art and text, organizing and publishing.

He is the Founding President of the UP Internet Freedom Network, an alliance of students and volunteers advocating for internet freedom, Co-founder and Project Lead of the Artists for Digital Rights Network, an alliance of artist-advocates in the Asia-Pacific region, and member of Magpies Press, an independent collective that publishes zines, conducts workshops, and organizes venues for artist-community exchange.

He has been exhibited in Nomina Nuda (Philippines), Akademie Schloss Solitude (Germany), AbZalon Event Factory (Denmark), Ars Electronica (Austria) and the Ghuangzou Academy of Fine Arts (China), among others. His words have appeared in Rappler, ACM Interactions, Ani: 41 (Cultural Center of the Philippines), Bookwatch (National Book Development Board),, Further Reading, and other publications.