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Past event

Exploring ‘good’ digital identity futures: digital rights workshop

Join Digital Good Network design researchers, Kim Snooks and Dan Richards, to discuss how to design good digital IDs.

13 & 15 December 2023, 10:00AM – 12:00 midday and 2:00PM – 4:00PM.

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For this workshop we are looking for social scientists with research interests such as digital rights and ethics of technology, as well as individuals, businesses, and organisations that are interested in discussing the future of digital identities.

Workshop overview

Digital Good Network design researchers, Kim Snooks and Dan Richards, will be discussing whether it is possible to create ‘good’ digital identities.

Digital identities aim to create digitalised versions of common physical documents (such as passports) to help represent and validate ‘who we are’ for businesses and service providers.

Workshop participants will be shown some provotypes. Provotypes are non-functional designed artefacts such as sketches or fictional application screens that are intended to provoke discussion and debate. These have been created with the aim of generating debate about future digital identities and the challenges and opportunities digital identities might present for society. 

This workshop focuses on future rights associated with digital identities, explores identity across life stages and considers what inclusive access might mean as digital identity systems progress. For example, what if digital identities were a fundamental human right? How might this impact those using and interacting with these systems? The aim is to try to better understand the challenges and opportunities these technologies might hold for society.

For more information email Kim Snooks at Lancaster University: