ESRC Digital Good Network

Digital Good Network Summer School

  • Shef Summer Sq
    24 – 26 June 2024, at the University of Sheffield, UK

    The ESRC Digital Good Network is building a research community focused on what a good digital society should look like and how we get there.

What is the Digital Good Network Summer School?

The Digital Good Network Summer School provides a fully funded opportunity for PhD researchers to engage with a range of theoretical, methodological and professional development topics relating to the digital good.

The summer school is an annual face-to-face residential program hosted at the University of Sheffield in late June. It includes lectures, workshops, sprints and other activities delivered by leading digital society researchers and practitioners from a range of industries and sectors.

Attendees will learn about early career grant-writing, and how and why to engage with stakeholders from different sectors in research-transforming ways. There will be opportunities to explore cutting-edge computational methods in addition to hearing from leading digital society journal editors about how to write excellent peer-reviewed articles.

As well as developing participants’ skills and capacity, the Digital Good Network Summer School aims to build our wider Digital Good Network. Attendees will have opportunities to network with leading researchers and practitioners, building potential future research collaborations.

Where we have permission to do so, we will also include summer school training materials on our website for those who are not able to attend.

Apply for the 2024 Summer School

Find out how to apply for the 2024 Summer School on our dedicated webpage here.