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Cooperativa Digital

2 Oct 2023

Cooperativa digital: Creating a community-run mobile app in Brazil

What does a mobile app look like when it’s controlled by its users?


2 Oct 2023

Digital health: the digital good in low-resource settings in Africa

Exploring ethical dilemmas with key stakeholders on the digital good in healthcare in low-resource settings.

Pexels Ketut Subiyanto 4350300 (1)

1 Oct 2023

Digital mattering: A philosophical anthropology of mobile messaging as everyday human goodness

Reframing the question of what is a ‘good’ digital society to consider how goodness may start from small building blocks of everyday, mundane communication between individuals and their friends/family.

Project Logo Credit: Dylan Yamada-Rice

29 Sep 2023

Exploring children’s attitudes towards notions of the digital good through hybrid arts practice

This project will host hybrid art workshops for children to imagine and shape a possible digital future where technology use is ethical, responsible, and inclusive

Image made on MidJourney by an artist called Azul (Nicolás Jiménez) who is of Mapuche origin

27 Sep 2023

INDIGENIA: Generative AI for Indigenous futures and ‘digital good living’

The INDIGENIA project will explore digital inclusion for Indigenous peoples by engaging Indigenous participants with the newest wave of generative AI programmes.

Mael Balland V5haryrezzo Unsplash

26 Sep 2023

Less damage done? Finding the good in defence tech

This project will consider which digital technologies are key and which absolutely need to be excluded for the sake of working towards a ‘digital better’ and develop a framework of investment principles.