ESRC Digital Good Network


The Digital Good Network will result in a range of interdisciplinary research. Some of this research will be undertaken by researchers funded by the Digital Good Research Fund, some by interns and fellows, and some by the Management Team.

All of the research will help us achieve our objectives. It will also feed into the Digital Good Index, to be used to evaluate digital innovations to ensure good societal outcomes.

To meet our ambitious research agenda, we will bridge disciplines and build interdisciplinary capability. As we build this research network, check back to see our research and publications here.

Our objectives are:

  1. To build and sustain an interdisciplinary network of diverse researchers and stakeholders that produces new insights into how to achieve the digital good and addresses urgent normative questions in digital society research.
  2. To produce a step change in digital society research, so it is centred on the major societal challenges of equity, sustainability and resilience.
  3. To build research capability, upskilling future digital society research leaders in methods, leadership, interdisciplinarity and stakeholder engagement, and ensuring the expansion of representation from currently underrepresented groups.
  4. To engage effectively with policy, industry, practitioners, communities and civil society to co-produce research with them, align activities with their needs and ensure outputs have impacts.
  5. To position UK social science as a leader in global digital society research, by influencing and informing future ESRC and UKRI policies and strategies.