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Studio Visit: Jeanne Jo. ‘Art, cinema and performance’

This event took place on Thursday 16 May 2024.

Part of the Digital Identities Over Time artists residency

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Join Jeanne as she discusses her creative work in the visual arts and cinema.

Themes include the recombinatorial, surveillance and database films.

This session will be chaired by Charlie Gere.

This event is part of the Digital Identities Over Time artists residency.

What is the aim of the residency?

The aim is to provide different perspectives and provoke debate about what future digital identities might be like, how they might unfold over time, and what we want from such digital identity systems – particularly given the emerging technologies in this field such as: self-sovereign identity systems, biometrics, facial recognition, identity cards, social media, AI, etc.

What questions can the residents explore?

  • How might our identities be represented online, and how might the tension between the choice to identify vs implied consent to be ‘identified’ play out in these systems? 
  • Is it possible to represent dynamic identities that acknowledge our inherently fluid, fragmented, and messy selves?
  • How might we think about digital identity (and identification) as it relates to monitoring, profiling and/or erasing certain identities (often the most vulnerable and marginalised) in our societies?
  • What are the social, political, cultural, philosophical, environmental implications of the way digital identities might represent us and those around us?
  • How might we think about assemblages of things, places, people forming collective identities over time?


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Jeanne Jo


Jeanne Jo (JEE-nee JOH) is an American visual artist and filmmaker who works in single-channel and multi-channel narrative film, large-scale video installation, and durational performance. Blurring the lines between cinema and performance art, she draws from programmatic languages, media theory, and her personal history to create work that investigates power dynamics, interpersonal relationships, and physical and emotional vulnerability. Her work has been widely exhibited, including at the Slamdance Film Festival, Scream Queens Film Festival Tokyo (Winner: Audience Award, 2016), and the Southern Utah Museum of Art (solo exhibition, 2022). She has an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and a PhD from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts.


Residency focus:
My residency will be focused on hypothesizing and expounding upon a perceived near-future digital identity that is a blend of present-day facts and speculative fiction. Within this imagined world, how will one’s online identity act as an anchor to their past selves? Themes may include: surveillance, erasure, vulnerability, privilege

Charlie Gere

Professor Charlie Gere

Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts, University of Lancaster

Charlie Gere is a Professor of Media Theory and History in the Lancaster Institute for Contemporary Arts, Lancaster University. His main research interest is in the cultural effects and meanings of technology and media, particularly in relation to post-conceptual art and philosophy. He is the author of World’s End (2022), I hate the Lake District (2019), Digital Culture (2002/2008), Art, Time and Technology (2006), and Community without Community in Digital Culture (2012), and co-editor of White Heat Cold Logic (2009), and Art Practice in a Digital Culture (2010).