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Studio Visit: Mac Andre Arboleda. ‘Digital Transformation’

Friday 17 May 2024, 3:00pm to 3.45pm (British Summer Time)

Part of the Digital Identities Over Time artists residency

This event has taken place.

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Join Mac as he discusses his body of work exploring the sickness of the internet, and turning to divine images in the desire for a new faith in images and imagination.

This talk will cover his previous projects touching on links between art and porn, animal conservation and surveillance technologies, nudes and Facebook data breaches, selfies and national history.

There will also be an open discussion on his ideas for the residency, some attempts to pursue divine transformation from a critique of ‘digital transformation’ campaigns.

The session will be chaired by Nathan Allen Jones.

This event is part of the Digital Identities Over Time artists residency.

What is the aim of the residency?

The aim is to provide different perspectives and provoke debate about what future digital identities might be like, how they might unfold over time, and what we want from such digital identity systems – particularly given the emerging technologies in this field such as: self-sovereign identity systems, biometrics, facial recognition, identity cards, social media, AI, etc.

What questions can the residents explore?

  • How might our identities be represented online, and how might the tension between the choice to identify vs implied consent to be ‘identified’ play out in these systems? 
  • Is it possible to represent dynamic identities that acknowledge our inherently fluid, fragmented, and messy selves?
  • How might we think about digital identity (and identification) as it relates to monitoring, profiling and/or erasing certain identities (often the most vulnerable and marginalised) in our societies?
  • What are the social, political, cultural, philosophical, environmental implications of the way digital identities might represent us and those around us?
  • How might we think about assemblages of things, places, people forming collective identities over time?


Mac Andre Arboleda Portrait

Mac Andre Arboleda


Mac Andre Arboleda is an artist exploring the sickness of the internet through research and dialogue, art and text, organizing and publishing. Born in the Philippines and currently based in Paris, he is finishing his Erasmus Mundus joint master program in Media Arts Cultures.


Residency focus:

For the residency, Mac Andre Arboleda will build on his ongoing thesis project, composing the idea of a divine image from a critique of the digital image. If to be human is to become extractable information, how can we become the unknowable God? How do we turn screen images into apparitions? The result will be a presentation and performance in Gather.


Nathan Allen Jones

Lecturer in Fine Art (Digital Media) and Fellow of the Institute for Social Futures at Lancaster University

Nathan Jones is a lecturer in Fine Art (Digital Media) and Fellow of the Institute for Social Futures at Lancaster University, UK. His art and critical works look at the contemporary conditions for writing in the context of new technologies. This work has featured at Transmediale (2018, 2019), Liverpool Biennial (2018) and Abandon Normal Devices (2019). He is co-editor of several books on language, technology and publishing, with Torque Editions, including Artists Re:Thinking the Blockchain (2017) and The Act of Reading (2015). His most recent work is a small-data AI that produces possible future headlines produced as part of The British Library’s public programme: Crash Blossoms/If and Only If (with Sam Skinner and Tom Schofield).