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  • Jonathan Corpus Ong Internationalisation Lead Dr Jonathan Corpus Ong is Associate Professor of Global Digital Media at UMass Amherst. Jonathan Corpus Ong

His research interests include global media ethics, digital politics, misinformation and the anthropology of humanitarianism. From 2020 to 2023, he is also Research Fellow at Harvard University’s Shorenstein Center. Jonathan has also been selected as one of 28 Andrew Carnegie Fellowship Awardees (2022-2024). He is Principal Investigator of “Global Democracy Frontliners”, a research network supporting South-to-South knowledge exchange and community engagement, supported by Luminate and Reset.

Jonathan’s books include Trolls for Sale (Everything’s Fine Books), Taking the Square: Mediated Dissent and Occupations of Public Space (Rowman & Littlefield) and The Poverty of Television: The Mediation of Suffering in Class-Divided Philippines (Anthem Press). He also runs a podcast on ‘disinformation whistleblowers’, Catch Me If You Can.

Jonathan leads our work on internationalisation.

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